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The Benefits of Using WordPress to Create Your New Business Website


Many blogging tools have not stood the test of time, but not WordPress. Since it came into existence, WordPress is still an ever-present and straightforward tool. It’s used by many as an open-source development program. Luckily, there are many benefits of using WordPress for your website and it will help you if you’re planning to build a new site.

For some time now, this content management software is the most popular tool available. Hence, most non-blogging websites prefer WordPress. With this website management tool, it will be simple to launch and manage your business online. Also, its speed and functionality will impact your blog.

Meaning of WordPress

WordPress is a free tool for building and maintaining websites that offer an internet-based customer connection for designing, publishing, and updating sites.

Overall, WordPress runs almost one-third of the nation’s website. Even medium and large scale blogs use it. Luckily, it is among the website developers that CMS users can download and install for free. It has peculiar characteristics that make it one of the best content management software around.

But before we delve into the reasons to use WordPress, let’s introduce you to the content management system.

Why you need a content management system (CMS)?

Generally, CMS houses and lets you access your online files or information for the period you want. This system provides security rights and content approvals over a specific workflow. In summary, the CMS job is to store, author, structure, and publish content. Besides, it provides a suitable environment for creating, storing, and publishing web content.

WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems with about 30% share of the world’s websites. It’s robust and allows you to create web pages without using HTML codes. So, if you have no idea of coding, you can still manage your website without anyone’s help.

Let’s take you through the reasons we believe WordPress is the best CMS for you today.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

You can use WordPress for almost everything as it is flexible and feature-rich. Below are the reasons to consider this unique web development tool.

  • Extremely User-friendly

Even beginners can use this site because it is easy to install and doesn’t require professionalism. Besides, installing it takes a few minutes, and you’ll start operation immediately. It doesn’t require much except a domain name and a hosting account.

Luckily, you can install it free using WordPress hosting provider downloaded directly from WordPress. After that, it is inherently easy and straightforward to control the Admin dashboard comes with the required characteristics. So, you’ll use it to purpose-built a website’s title, including layout before creating pages.

  • SEO-friendly

Though it may be hard to believe, WordPress is the best per SEO structure and site ranking. One of the reasons being that it has fast loading speed, which attracts many visitors. Additionally, WordPress tools offer XML sitemaps which automatically informs Google of your online presence. You can still have a few visitors without going through the hassles of configuring an SEO plugin.

  • Easy maneuverability of your site

You don’t need to wait for your web designer to run updates on your website. WordPress helps you manage and control everything about your site. Hence, you can do simple updates easily by yourself. The intuitive interface WordPress offers allows you to add pages, images, and blog posts with ease.

  • Mobile responsiveness

In short, WordPress websites are mobile responsive. The ability of your mobile to respond plays a role in Google grading. Therefore, websites must look superb on any tool. WordPress provides various responsive theme outlines. Moreover, users can manage a steady website using plugins and accustoming to theme folders.

  • Provides Built-in Blog

As content management software, this tool has loads of features to enable you to publish content quickly. Among them include the built-in blog feature that one can access from any implement at any moment. With that, you can add a blog to your site without creating a separate one. This feature will enable un-linked blogging websites to operate the blog feature and add updates or news.

  • Excellent site ranking

Navigation is crucial when it comes to Google’s ranking, including other navigating sites. Therefore, WordPress websites have higher rankings due to their keywords. As such, it comes with lots of implementation and plugins for enhancing content for SEO.

  • WordPress themes provide different options

WordPress themes provide customers with a range of options for perfecting the looks and roles of a new website. The best thing is these themes are free, but you can install paid options from third-party developers. More so, you can download and install them at any time to give your site a fresh look.

  • Limitless Number of Plugins

You can choose and install over 2000 free plugins to adapt your website to the growing internet trends. For instance, you can use different SEO specific plugins to rank your site in search engines. As mentioned earlier, almost everything is possible with WordPress because of the library of plugins.

  • Cost-Effective

WordPress has contributed much to reduce the cost of creating websites. Luckily, WordPress is one of the cheapest content management software today and offers a free website host and creation options. Besides, you won’t break the bank to maintain or update your site as you can always do it yourself.

  • Auto Site Update

One of the most crucial benefits of using WordPress is the ease of site updates. Every year, the company introduces new security and interface features to only website management tasks. No effort is required on your part. Instead, you only receive a mail notification about the update.

Of course, the function of internet changes, but you must keep up with the latest innovations. Thankfully, WordPress has got you covered as regular updates make you relevant in the ever-changing internet world. The truth is WordPress will always evolve to stay on top of the game.

  • Content Publishing made easier

Another primary reason to make WordPress, your major CMS, is the ease of making changes to your site. So, once there’s internet service, you only need to login and publish what’s on your mind.

  • Excellent for Online marketing tool

When looking for the best online marketing tool, WordPress should be your first option. This manager allows you to create new content in a few seconds without hassles. You can change your site’s looks to reflect the latest business or services your offer so you’re able to customize your site to have the same look as your brand. Of course, this will attract visitors and offer them a better online experience.

  • Improved site security

Contrary to popular opinion, you can create a hack-proof WordPress website by installing simple security features. Of course, you cannot do the same with other standard sites.

  • Easy to Integrate with Social Media

You can publish content directly from WordPress to social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The best part is the ease of getting things done. Luckily, you don’t need to login to these social networks before you can upload your content.

  • Access to Community Support

WordPress boasts of an excellent support group that’s dedicated to enhancing the welfare of its teeming users. These individuals create up-to-date changes on the source files to keep it more secure.  The community also reaches out to users through webinars and seminars to educate them on various aspects of content management and web development.

Further, the WordPress forum has thousands of technicians who offer free advice to users whenever they have an issue. So, if you have a problem, just ask, and someone will help you out.

  • Your site grows with your business

As you already know, WordPress is scalable. This means content volume or number of available pages won’t affect your site’s performance. In other words, you don’t need to delete files to increase your website’s speed.

  • Easy to design websites

You can set up your website in a matter of hours, with only content and photos required.

  • Supported by many agencies

Due to the numerous benefits of using WordPress, many professional and web development agencies use them. This means you will easily find someone who can do a great job with the WordPress interface.

  • Excellent hosting options

Luckily, you will hardly find a web hosting company that will not want to be identified with WordPress. The benefit of this is you can easily migrate from one host to another without the risk of losing your content.

  • Uses many languages

WordPress isn’t conditioned to a single language or only the most spoken ones like English, French, and Spanish. The company has a translation team that makes its themes and plugins available in over 169 languages. Besides, with plugins like Weglot and Polylang, you can quickly translate your site into many languages.

  • Microsoft uses WordPress

It’ll surprise you to know that many top tech companies and individuals have WordPress websites. The most popular are Microsoft, Jay-Z, BBC, Sony Music, Harvard University, and many more.

  • More than just a web creating tool

Recently, developers are turning their sights to WordPress REST API, which enables them to create apps. So, if you have interests in application development, you can begin with WordPress.

  • Self-sufficient environment

WordPress makes it easy to confine to your dashboard for those of us that won’t associate with third-party developers. In other words, you can create newsletters and send them to your email list in a click.

  • Accessible for people with sensory issues

WordPress believes in making their software available to everyone, including the physically challenged.

So, what Website types is WordPress used for?

After knowing the benefits of using WordPress, you should know the site types that are best for WordPress. So, let’s give you a pleasant walk!

  • Business Websites

Contrary to some claims, WordPress is useful for startups and well-established businesses. WordPress is excellent for all business sizes, and you will soon see the reasons. First, it’s easy to customize—allowing the site to sync with your company’s brand. Besides, you can introduce any feature you want, either via coding or plugin. Finally, it’s extremely secure so that you won’t worry about cases of a data breach.

For your business, WordPress offers a customizable theme, which can be brand-specific or universal. It ensures you can access emails for newsletter broadcast, which comes handy when you want to advertise. The ability to analyze your site’s metrics to view clicks and visitors is what every business owner wants. Of course, WordPress lets you use Google Analytics on your website. Above all, instead of installing single plugins (some require careful configuration), you can download an all-in-one pack. This makes things fast and easy for you.

  • Blogs

Initially, WordPress was designed for blogs, and you’ll hardly find sites with better features. To separate yourself from your competitors, you need specialized themes and plugins. Luckily, WordPress has thousands of themes specific to your niche to give your website a desirable look. Other major plugins to install to enhance your site’s performance include SEO, contact form, anti-spam.

  • E-commerce Website

Do you want to set up an online store? As you already know that WordPress can handle almost anything, they’re also a good option for an e-commerce site. Their stores are secure, scalable, and accepted by online payment service providers.

Of course, selling products online involves gathering and storing user sensitive data, but don’t worry. WordPress is highly secure, and you can install some interesting security plugins to protect your visitors. Like other functions, you also need a plugin to implement your store. This tool will feature payment gateways, product pages, and carts. Another significant benefit of using WordPress for e-commerce is a reliable backup system. With the WordPress backup plugin, you can create a bank for user’s information.

  • Web Portfolios

Building an excellent static website serves as a link between you and your clients. You can advertise your goods and services, find clients, or get jobs. Like blogs, you also need potent plugins to stay on top of your game. Some of the best ones include a contact form and gallery plugins.


WordPress helps users to create and customize their websites without going to the difficult stages of coding. So, if you have no ideas about programming languages, you can still build a functional website using WordPress. The benefits of using WordPress will be better appreciated when you try it yourself. With thousands of features and plugins, you can achieve whatever comes to mind, and WordPress will suit all site types.

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